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Gat No. 209, Moi Road, Bandal Wasti, Kuruli, Tal. Khed, Dist. Pune - 410501
Hospital Equipments, Hospital Furniture, Operation Theatre Furniture, Motorised Operation Theater Tables, Motorized Labour Tables, C Arm Hydraulic Operation Tables, Hospital Partition Screens, Medical Partition Screens, Hospital Folding Screens, OT Lights, Operation Theater Lights, Shadow Less OT Lights, Shadowless Operation Theatre Lights, Operating Room Lights, ICU Beds, Motorised ICU Beds, Fixed Height ICU Beds, Saline Stands, IV Saline Stands, IV Bar, Hospital General Ward Beds, Semi Fowler Beds, Standard Maternity Beds, Hospital Bunk Beds, Pediatric Beds, Hospital Instrument Cabinet and Lockers, Hospital Pigeon Lockers, Hospital Nursing Lockers, Hospital Bowl and Sink Stands, Single Bowl Stands, Stainless Steel Kick Buckets, X-Ray Apron Stands, Stainless Steel Hospital Sinks, Operation Theater Scrub Sinks, Double Bowl Stands, Hospital Examination Tables, Plain Examination Tables, Gynaec Examination Tables, Hospital Waiting Chairs, Stainless Steel Waiting Chairs, SS Waiting Chairs, 3 Seater Stainless Steel Waiting Chairs, Hospital Wheel Chairs, Fixed Type Wheel Chairs, Folding Type Wheel Chairs, Automatic Wheelchairs, Remote Operated Wheelchairs, Hospital Examination Couch, Single Storage Examination Coach, Single Storage Gynaec Examination Coach, Multi Storage Examination Coach, Gas Head Up Examination Coach, Double Storage Examination Coach, Double Storage Gynaec Examination Coach, Hospital Trolleys, Hospital Medicine Trolleys, Stainless Steel Medicine Trolleys, Stretcher and Stretchers Trolleys, Emergency Recovery Trolleys, Folding Type Stretcher Trolleys, SS Top Stretcher Trolleys, Hydraulic Emergency Trolleys, Hospital Stools, Doctor Stools, Revolving Stools, SS Revolving Stools, Visitor Stools, SS Top Visitor Stools, Standard Steel Revolving Stools, SS Bed Side Stools.
Our Products
  • 3 Seater Stainless Steel Waiting Chairs
  • Automatic Wheelchairs
  • C Arm Hydraulic Operation Tables
  • Doctor Stools
  • Double Bowl Stands
  • Double Storage Examination Coach
  • Double Storage Gynaec Examination Coach
  • Drip Stand
  • Emergency Recovery Trolleys
  • Fixed Height ICU Beds
  • Fixed Type Wheel Chairs
  • Folding Type Stretcher Trolleys
  • Folding Type Wheel Chairs
  • Gas Head Up Examination Coach
  • Gynec Examination Tables
  • Hospital Bowl and Sink Stands
  • Hospital Bunk Beds
  • Hospital Equipments
  • Hospital Examination Couch
  • Hospital Examination Tables
  • Hospital Folding Screens
  • Hospital General Ward Beds
  • Hospital Instrument Cabinet and Lockers
  • Hospital Medicine Trolleys
  • Hospital Nursing Lockers
  • Hospital Partition Screens
  • Hospital Pigeon Lockers
  • Hospital Stools
  • Hospital Trolleys
  • Hospital Waiting Chairs
  • Hospital Wheel Chairs
  • Hydraulic Emergency Trolleys
  • ICU Beds
  • IV Bar
  • IV Saline Stands
  • Medical Partition Screens
  • Motorised ICU Beds
  • Motorised Operation Theatre Tables
  • Motorized Labour Tables
  • Multi Storage Examination Coach
  • Operating Room Lights
  • Operation Theater Lights
  • Operation Theater Scrub Sinks
  • Operation Theater Tables
  • Operation Theatre Equipments
  • Operation Theatre Furniture
  • Ot Lights
  • Pediatric Beds
  • Plain Examination Tables
  • Remote Operated Wheelchairs
  • Revolving Stools
  • Saline Stand
  • Semi Fowler Beds
  • Shadow Less OT Lights
  • Shadowless Operation Theater Lights
  • Single Bowl Stands
  • Single Storage Examination Coach
  • Single Storage Gynaec Examination Coach
  • SS Bed Side Stools
  • SS Revolving Stools
  • SS Top Stretcher Trolleys
  • SS Top Visitor Stools
  • SS Waiting Chairs
  • Stainless Steel Hospital Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Kick Buckets
  • Stainless Steel Medicine Trolleys
  • Stainless Steel Waiting Chairs
  • Standard Maternity Beds
  • Standard Steel Revolving Stools
  • Stretcher and Stretchers Trolleys
  • Visitor Stools
  • X-Ray Apron Stands
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