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Our Longstanding engineering know-how, cutting edge software applications and sound consultancy services allow us to optimise our customer's production and business processes. offers high-tech engineering services for constructing complex producting, plants all over the world-with in-depth expertise in the chemical, refinery & petrochemical, pharmaceutical & biotechnological and discrete manufacturing. TRIPLAN engineers new plants and engineers up gradation & optimization of existing plants that will function over the long term and will be economic to operate
Engineering Consultancy Services, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Authority Engineering / Engineering For Local Statutory Approvals, Safety Analyses And Safety Assessments For Plants That Are Subject To Accident Prevention Regulations. Cost Estimate At Various Stages & Cost Control, Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Calculation & Analysis (E.G. Process Simulation, Stress Analysis, Structural Analysis, Pressure Vessel Design Calculation, Thermal Design Calculations), Procurement Assistance, Construction Management And Planning, Project Management, Controlling / Co-Ordination, Maintenance & Shut-Down Engineering, Debottlenecking & Process Optimization, Creation And Development Of Factory Norms, Standards And Building Regulations, Explosion Protection Concepts ( Consulting, Explosion Protection Documents, Ignition Risk Analysis, Employee Training ), Environmental Concepts, CAD/CAE Services, Engineering Data Management, Workflow Management, As-Built Documentation , Asset Information Management. Life Science Engineering Services, Engineering Compliance -Harmonization Of Project Management And Quality Assurance, Environment Friendly Delayed Coker, Closed Coke Slurry System (CCSS), Engineering Compliance Covers The Planning, Coordination And Control Of The Following Project Activities: Project Baseline, GMP Compliance, GEP-Compliance
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