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Marsh was started by two engineers, having a dream of manufacturing products. Mr. V. L. Mashalkar and Mr. Marulkar started the unit in 1980 in a small rented premise. Their efforts were ably supported by Ms. Blue Stars Ltd. who did the marketing till 1995. Marsh received President of India Award in 1986 for Innovating Entrepreneurship in small scale sector. In 1995 Mr. C. V. Mashalkar joined the company as director, an engineering graduate, we build a team for all over India coverage. wif approvals from Mecon, EIL and various water boards. We has strong presence in India's automation story. Presently Marsh has pan India presence in water, steel, power, paper, sugar sectors in India & SAARC countries.
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Of Actuators, Electrical Actuators, Pneumatically Operated Dampers, Trunnion Mounted Linear Actuators, Valves Automation In Water, Motorised Valves (Motorized Valves). Linear Actuators, Compact Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators, Actuators for Dampers, Rotary Actuators for Sluice Valves, Valves Actuators, Motorized Valves, Motorized Clamps Actuator On Butterfly Valve, Actuator On Globe Valve, Actuator With Integral Starter, Actuator With Spur Gear Box, Actuator With Worm Gear Box, Actuator On Sluice Valve, Flame Proof Actuator, Damper Actuator, QT Actuators ( Quarter Turn Actuators ), Electronic Valve Petitioners, Panel Mounted Electronic Petitioners, Motorized Butterfly Valve, Motorized Sluice Valve, Fabricated Actuator Valve, Globe Valve, Dampers, Single Flap Butterfly Dampers, Multi Louvers Dampers, Spur Gear Box ( Multi Turn ) For Slice And Gate Valves, Spur Gear Box ( Quarter Turn ) For Butterfly, Ball & Plug Valves, Worm Gear Box, Quarterturn Actuator, Quarterturn Gearboxes, Multiturn Gearboxes, Actuator Accessories, Actuator Dampers, Scada Solutions. Multiturn Actuator, Electric Thrusters, Quarter Turn Gearboxes.
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