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"DECK" is the first SSI Unit in Pune, Specialised in Liquid Nitriding, Tuftriding, Nitro-Carburising Process since 1998. Considering demand from our existing customers & Industries and increase in higher quality standards, activated us to start Gas-Carburising, Carbo-Nitriding, Hardening & Gas-Nitriding. Our Management Team Totally Comprises of professional engineers & Metallurgists having 20 - 25 years experience in large scale Industries.
Manufacturer Supplier Of Heat Treatment Shop With Testing Facility, Job Work Of Case Hardening, Liquid Nitriding, Oxidising, Gas Carburising, Carbo Nitriding, Gas Nitriding, Hardening, Tempering, Stress Relieving, Annealing, Normalising, Solution for Heat Treatment, Precipitation Hardening, Testing of Hardness, Micro Hardness, Superficial Hardness, Case Depth, Micro Structure Testing, QPQ Process, Quench Polish Quench Process, QPQ Nitride, QPQ Liquid Nitride, QPQ Coating, Vaccum Furnace, Tufftride PQP Process, Melomite QPR, Thermal Flattening, Heat Flattening, Modern Heat Treating, Flattening Treatment, Flattening And Coating Line (FCL), Nitrocarbodizing.
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