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The company Analogik Electronics Corporation established in 1995, situated at Aundh just 6 km From pune city. The company having 1000 sq. feet area & well setup for testing calibration of electronics Instruments Analogik Electronics corporation is a group of dedicated engineer, who are specialists in electronic systems & process control instrumentation. Our competent engineers are engaged in design, manufacturing of electronics systems, process control instrumentation & technical consultancy to the needy customers. We have developed, supplied the range of various products & received ever encouraging support and appreciation of our satisfied customer to forge ahead in our enterprise. For your ready reference, we are pleased to enlist our products to exhibit our capability, which we have designed & supplied. Temperature indicators / controllers / transmitters, pH indicators / transmitter Level indicators / transmitters, Signal Converters, Signal isolation, Flow indicating totaliser, multiple temperature indicators / temperature Scanners, LWP powered indicators / isolators, Universal calibrators, Flame proof instruments etc. We test all the instruments very precisiely & carefully with the standard procedures & norms. After all the testing & mechanical work we calibrate the instument & carry cut online burn in test At 50 to 55°C.
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Signal Isolators, Analog Signal Isolators, 4-20mA Signal Isolators, Isolators, 4-20mA Signal Converters, TIC Signal Isolators, DC - DC Isolators, Analog Signal Converters, Signal Isolator Bipolar Input, Bipolar Signal Isolators, 2 Wire Temperature Transmitters / Indicators / Controllers, pH Indicators / Transmitters / Control Systems, mV/mA Source / Universal Calibrators, Temperature Scanners / Data Loggers, Analog Signal Isolating Converters (ASIC / AnaSIC), Signal Converters, Flow Indicating Totaliser / Batch Totaliser, Loop Powered Isolators / Loop Powered Indicators, Digital i/o Cards / Buffer Card / Relay Modules, Large Display / Jumbo Display Instruments, Humidity Transmitters / Pressure Transmitters / Power Transducers, RPM Indicators / Pulse Counters / Digital Counters, Flame Proof Indicators / Controllers / Scanners / Transmitters, Power Supply - Linear / SMPS, Temperature Sensors, Muffle Furnace Oil Bath.
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