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The first tactile outcome of your research and development - your product. Aakar - a company which is specializing in making models since last twelve years. At Aakar, we have been making models of a wide range of products from various industries. The complexities and challenges in modeling each product had been different. Be it the fine amount of detailing in a telephone instrument or be it the enormous size of a tractor, Aakar has successfully handled them all. Our maturity and sensitivity to your design requirements has evolved during these years of growing as a professional model making studio. We have good understanding of materials & processes for varying model making needs. This makes us your ideal Partner in the design process
Prototyping, Automotive, Electronics, Home Appliances, Medical Equipment, Clay Modeling, Concept Design - Car, Scooter, Jigs & Fixtures, Prototype Models, Styling Mockups, Clay Modelling, Epoxy Moulds & Fixtures, Fiber Glass Products.
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