Legal Services

Adv. S. M. Mhalagi
All Legal Services & Notary Services

Ad. Bhushan M. Shalukar
Advocate - Criminal, Civil, Consumer, Family Matters, Motor Accident Claims

Ad. Ashok Madhukar Joshi
Advocate - Civil Practice, High court Practice

Ad. Anant Sadashiv Laulkar
Advocate - Civil & Criminal Practice

Ad. Deepak V. Belsare
Advocate - Civil & Co-operative

Ad. Abhijeet Kulkarni
Advocate - Civil & Criminal, Conveyancing, Consumer

Ad. Dhananjay Nirgudkar
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Bank Recovery

Ad. Girish Odhekar
Advocate - Civil Family Matters, Conveyancing

Ad. Manik Joshi
Advocate - Civil Family, MS Counselling, Practice Matters

Ad. Amrut Garsole
Advocate - Civil, Family Court, Charity Commissioner Office, Conveyancing Criminal

Ad. Mahesh Doiphode
Advocate - Civil Practice, Criminal Practice

Ad. Narendra Chandrakant Walimbe
Civil, Service Matter, Revenue, Family, Lands, Convincing, Few Criminal Matters

Ad. Vibhavari Bidve
Advocate - Civil and conveyancing

Ad. Ketki Ambekar
Advocate - Family Matters

Ad. Nitin Sapre
Advocate - Civil, Property Matter

Ad. Devavrat Bhangaonkar
Advocate - Civil & Criminal

Ad. Medha Bavadekar
Advocate - Civil & Family Matters

Ad. Nitin K. Sadavarte
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Paresh M. Mote
Advocate - Civil Revenue & Conveyancing

Ad. Suneeti Govitrikar
Advocate - Civil Practise & Documentation

Ad. Tejas Kapre
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Commercial Corporate Cases

Adv. Maitreyee Parasnis
Land /Property Matters, Title Investigation, Search Report, Drafting etc.

B. M. Patwardhan
Advocate - All Types of Cases & Conveyance

Msn Associates
Company Secretary - Legal Services

Law Protectors Ipr Services Pvt.Ltd.
Experience Relating To Trademarks, Service Marks & Legal Service.

Amplus Filing
Legal Services.

Legal Cabin
Legal Service.
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