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Ad. Girija Deshpande
Advocate - Criminal & Family Matter

Ad. Vidya G. Joshi
Advocate - Practicing in Criminal & Notary, Civil, Family Matter in Court and Conveyancing

Ad. Vidya Mule
Advocate - Family Matters, Free Marriage Counselling

Ad. Shreekant Karve
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Snehal A. Shende
Advocate - Civil Court, Co-op. Court

Ad. Vikas Deshpande Foundation
Advocate - Civil Criminal, Family Matters, Property & Legal Consultant in Various Institutions

Ad. Sanhita Marathe
Civil, Road Accident, Family Matters

Ad. Tushar Vidwans
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Consumer, Revenue, conveyancing

Ad. Vasant Ponkshe
Advocate - Criminal DRT Matters, Civil, Domestic Violence

Ad. Satish Limaye
Advocate- Civil Practice

Ad. Uday S. Deshpande
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Seema Phadnis
Civil, Criminal, Family, Trust Matter, Banking

Ad. Ujjwala Deshpande
Advocate - Civil Co-operative, DRT Matter

Ad. Vidyadhar Koshe
Advocate - Criminal & Civil Practice

Ad. Vidyanand Abhyankar
Advocate - Civil & Consumer

Ad. Rajesh R. Vaidya
Advocate - Legal Documentation & Conveyancing

Ad. Subodh Ghate
Property & Civil Practice

Ad. Suresh Basargekar
Advocate - Civil & Revenue Case

Ad. Shrikant T. Phadke
Specialization In Food Laws, Legal Practice & Consultation

Ad. Shrinivas Kankurikar
Civil, Family, Consumer, Criminal, Co-Operative Society Practice

M. S. Khurjekar & Associates
Advocate - Civil & Co-Operative

Padhye & Padhye Associates
Advocate - Civil & Criminal Cases

Shailesh Brahme & Associates
Advocate - Criminal Matters

Udk & Associates Law Firm
Corporate Lawyer Services for All Typess of Documentation

Vilol Khaladkar & Associates
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Aniruddha C. Deshpande
Advocate - Civil & Criminal Matters

Ad. Abhijeet Kulkarni
Advocate - Civil & Criminal, Conveyancing, Consumer

Ad. Jyoti Limaye
Advocate - Family Court, Notary, Registration, Panelled Advocate For State Bank of India

Ad. Manoj S. Bidkar
Advocate - Criminal Conveyancing

Ad. Pramod Joshi
Advocate - Legal Practice

Ad. Anil V. Gogate
Advocate - Civil & Criminal

Ad. Jyoti Asanikar
Advocate - Consumer, Family, Civil Matter

Ad. Nitin Sapre
Advocate - Civil, Property Matter

Ad. Amruta Belhekar
Advocate - Drafting & Registration of Document

Ad. Anand S Kulkarni
Advocate - Civil, Family Matter, Criminal Conveyancing

Ad. Devavrat Bhangaonkar
Advocate - Civil & Criminal

Ad. Anant Gokhale
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Krushnanath D. Pandit
Advocate - Criminal Matter

Ad. P. M. Khire
Advocat - Civil Practice

Ad. Gauri P. Kumbhojkar
Advocate - Property Matters & Conveyancing

Ad. Madhuri Kelkar Phadke
Advocate - Civil Property Matters

Ad. Anita Parasnis
Advocate - Property Conveyancing

Ad. Mahesh Doiphode
Advocate - Civil Practice, Criminal Practice

Ad. Pavan Kulkarni
Advocate - Criminal Matters & Family Matters

Ad. Ravindra R. Pandit
Advocate - Criminal & Civil Practice

Ad. Geetanjali Joglekar
Advocate - General Practice

Ad. Makarand Aurangabadkar
Advocate - Criminal & Conveyancing

Ad. Ashish Abhyankar
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Girish Odhekar
Advocate - Civil Family Matters, Conveyancing

Ad. Mangesh Joshi
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Milind M Mahajan
Civil Property Matters, Consumer Court

Ad. Pranjli Jog
Advocate - Civil Cases

Ad. Ashok Madhukar Joshi
Advocate - Civil Practice, High court Practice

Ad. Rhuta Pandit
Advocate - Civil & Criminal Matters

Ad. Narendra Chandrakant Walimbe
Civil, Service Matter, Revenue, Family, Lands, Convincing, Few Criminal Matters

Ad. Amol Vijay Sant
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Family Matter

Ad. Deepa Wakde
Advocate - Civil Case

Ad. Amrut Garsole
Advocate - Civil, Family Court, Charity Commissioner Office, Conveyancing Criminal

Ad. Deepak V. Belsare
Advocate - Civil & Co-operative

Ad. Ram Kapre
Advocate - Civil Cases

Ad. Chandrakant Kulkarni
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Mridula M. Sahastrabudhe
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Ashok Prabhune
Advocate Excise, Custom & Service Tax Consultant

Ad. Manjusha Mudgalkar
Advocate - Civil, Co-operative, Consumer, Revenue

Ad. Sanjeev R. Dudhat
Land Disputes, Litigation, Family Matters, Mortgage Maintenance, Criminal, Cheque Bounce Matter

Ad. Dilip R. Athavle
Advocate - Property Matter

Ad. Ravidnra Ronghe
Advocate - Civil Cases

Ad. Chandrashekhar Dharne
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Nitin K. Sadavarte
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Vipula Haridas
Advocate - Civil & Criminal, Family Matter, Family Counselling

Ad. Anant Sadashiv Laulkar
Advocate - Civil & Criminal Practice

Ad. Aditi Vaidya
Advocate - Civil Law & Family Court

Ad. Medha Bavadekar
Advocate - Civil & Family Matters

Ad. Mandar Joshi
Advocate - Family, Civil & Criminal Matters, Legal Property Solution

Ad. Ravishankar V. Mote
Advocate - Civil Conveyancing

Ad. Paresh M. Mote
Advocate - Civil Revenue & Conveyancing

Ad. Aishwarya R Mote
Advocate - Civil Conveyancing, Co-Operative

Ad. Bhushan M. Shalukar
Advocate - Criminal, Civil, Consumer, Family Matters, Motor Accident Claims

Ad. Kalpak Mainkar
Advocate - Civil, Family Cases

Ad. Pramod Kulkarni
Advocate - Revenue Matters

Ad. Suneeti Govitrikar
Advocate - Civil Practise & Documentation

Ajit Kulkarni & Associates
Advocate - Civil, Family Matters & conveyancing

Ad. Hrishikesh Karwande
Advocate - Criminal Conveyancing

Ad. Manik Joshi
Advocate - Civil Family, MS Counselling, Practice Matters

Ad. Ruta S. Kurambhatti
Civil, Family & Property Matters

Ad. Dipak Patwardhan
Advocate - Civil Practice

Ad. Madhuri Inamdar
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Family Matters, Revenue Cases

Ad. Ravindra G. Kulkarni
Advocate - Civil & Family Matters

Ad. Ravindra Gopinath Rao
Advocate - Civil & Land Matters

Ad. Nivedita Kale
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Army Panel, Family Matters

Ad. Ajit R Inamdar
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial Matters

Ad. Ketki Ambekar
Advocate - Family Matters

Ad. Prutha Ghole
Advocate - Civil Cases

Ad. Upendra Khare
Advocate - Civil Laws, Matrimony Laws, Indirect Taxes, Central Excise, Service Tax

Adv. Manoj Kulkarni
Property Transfer & Home Loans, Civil and Revenue matters

Ad. Manjiri Karve
Advocate - Civil - Conveyancing

Ad. Varsha Ghaisas
Advocate - Civil & Criminal Practice

Ad. Rahul Ganu
Advocate - Civil Practice

Adv. Maitreyee Parasnis
Land /Property Matters, Title Investigation, Search Report, Drafting etc.

Ad. Nandkishor J. Tikhe
Advocate - Civil Revenue

Ad. Rajendra A. Thakurdesai
Advocate - General Legal Practice

Ad. Vaishali Kulkarni
Advocate- Family Matters & Criminal

Ad. Dhananjay Nirgudkar
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Bank Recovery

Ad. Vibhavari Bidve
Advocate - Civil and conveyancing

Ad. Pritam Lakade
Advocate - Civil Cases

Ad. Tejas Kapre
Advocate - Civil, Criminal, Commercial Corporate Cases

B. M. Patwardhan
Advocate - All Types of Cases & Conveyance

G. H. Legal
Advocate - Civil & Criminal, Company Matter, Property Law Litigation

K. P. R. Legal Firm
Advocate - Civil Cases

M. S. Ranade & Associates
Advocate - Civil, Banking Related Criminal Cases

Ninad Patwardhan & Associates
Advocate - Court Matters, Corporate & IPR

Patankar & Associates
Advocate - Civil Practice

Prerana Legal Consultancy
Advocate - Labour Law & Industrial Court, All Service Matters & High Court Mumbai Practice

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