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Founded By Mr. Rajeev Shivade About 20 Years Back. Rajeev Shivade Is A Msc Geologist From Pune University And Winner Of Vastu Ratna Award India 2014-2015. As a geologist he is well versed with fossil, mineral and rock identification along with ground water research. The science of vastu attracted him, the infallible truth of vastu made him a professional in vastu consultancy. Thus he was honoured with Vastu Ratna award by International Institute for Social and Economics Reform, Bangalore. which is one of the top honours in the field of vastu consultantancy. During the vast experience of 20 years revived more than number of industrial and residential projects, sick units & instrumental for expansion and diversification of more than a lot of industries and residential projects. We are instrumental in starting, profitably running the industry, expansion and diversification of more than number of industrial and residential projects. With 20 years practical experience in this field, we have grown into a reputed service provider with a huge clientele around the world. Revived more than number of industrial and residential projects, sick units successfully guided for the sale of unwanted industries with hassle free transaction & with realistic price.
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